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Natural History of the Gold Lakes Basin

Join us on a series of outings to explore the magnificent lakes and wildflower-filled forests of the Lakes Basin, where we will use maps, cameras, sketchbooks, and notebooks to record, identify, and describe an astonishing variety of plants and animals. This will be a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in one special area rather than driving all over to different sites. [This class will be formally posted on January 31, at which time you can register. This class fills quickly so you have to jump on it when registration opens.]

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Beginning Birding

Most bird classes jump right into advanced bird identification techniques so this new class is designed for beginners and bird-lovers who are more interested in learning the basics or just appreciate taking things at a more relaxed pace. We will explore many different habitats and locations, learning how to observe and identify a wide variety of birds, and more importantly, learning how to understand the lives and behaviors of birds we find. [You can register for this class after it is formally posted on January 31]


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2:00 PM14:00

Language Making Writing Workshop

Why is it important for language to keep evolving and how do we create new words? Join David Lukas for a three-hour workshop to discuss and explore the tools and techniques of word making. Perfect for writers, artists, and thinkers who are naming new ideas and visions for the future--and for everyone who loves playing with words.

Sponsored by Oregon State University's Spring Creek Project and hosted by Shotpouch Cabin, a beautiful remote cabin in the Coast Range that is available for retreats and residencies for writers and artists. http://liberalarts.oregonstate.edu/centers-and-initiatives/spring-creek-project

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6:00 PM18:00

Reading and Talk on Language Making Nature

  • California Center for Natural History (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Today we find ourselves in urgent need of new ways to treat each other and the world around us, but few people realize that new relationships, new values, and new ideals cannot take shape until we learn how to create words that can serve as vessels to hold these ideas.

Join David Lukas, naturalist and writer, as he talks about his new book Language Making Nature. Researched over many years and filled with ideas that have been thoroughly field-tested while hiking thousands of miles in wild areas, this new book will inspire unique insights into language and the natural world.

Further details at http://calnature.org/events/2016/3/6/language-making-nature-author-talk

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10:00 AM10:00

Listening to the Birds

Learning to identify birds by their songs is a tremendous challenge, but you can still learn a lot about bird behaviors when you listen closely to their songs. In this class we will explore the behaviors and strategies of singing birds with a short indoor program, then practice our new skills by following birds in the gardens. Expect to learn a lot about singing birds, including how to identify a few common birds, along with detailed insights into the lives of our local birds.

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