Welcome and Introduction!

I am excited to welcome you to the world of language making!

"Language making" will probably be a new concept for many readers, so this blog is a place where we can explore this idea together. I will examine aspects of language making and look at the history of how language making processes have shaped the English language.  I look forward to presenting a wide range of topics in this blog, and in conversations with folks who begin using my book Language Making Nature as a tool. The book is filled with many examples of language making processes at work, but I want to keep finding more examples and posting them here where they can be viewed and discussed by a larger audience. I will also explore other ideas about language, as well as posting reviews of books and updates from the world of language making.

Follow along and see where the conversation goes!

(P.S. I tried setting up an RSS feed so you can get blog postings straight into your inbox. Please let me know if that works or not.)